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General questions

Referring clinicians can easily refer patients to HomeMed by using our online request form. Our team will promptly coordinate with the patient to schedule the test at their convenience.
Yes, it is safe to refer patients to HomeMed for at-home testing. Our licensed medical professionals follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safety and accuracy of tests conducted at home.
The decision to recommend a test at home versus in the clinic depends on various factors, including patient preference, medical necessity, and convenience. We offer both options to accommodate the needs of patients and referring clinicians.
ECG Holter monitoring is a continuous recording of your heart’s electrical activity over a specified period, typically 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, or 14 days. It provides a more comprehensive assessment of heart rhythm abnormalities.
A small device called a Holter monitor is attached to your chest using adhesive patches. The monitor records your heart’s activity continuously during the monitoring period.
Yes, you can go about your normal activities while wearing the Holter monitor. It is important to keep the monitor dry and avoid activities that may interfere with its function, such as submerging in deep water whilst swimming or using electric blankets although you may have a shower.

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